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Business Support Advice

Starting your new business journey is an exciting time. From creating brands to building a client base, business start-ups face countless challenges and opportunities. ​At Taxbell Associates we support business start-ups across Greater Manchester and the wider North West, providing a comprehensive range of advice and support to help you get up and running. From tax and business structure planning to cloud accounting, accounts management and ongoing bookkeeping and payroll services, our team will help you to make your new venture a success.
Preparing your business plan
Before starting your business, there must be proper planning and development of strategies to identify how to spend the capital. Your initial planning will determine the direction in which your business will proceed in its next few years. Our Manchester based accountants and business planners will work with you, offering you professional advice and support in every aspect of accounting and tax planning designed specifically for new businesses.
Raising Finance
Without proper finance, it becomes impossible for any business to grow. Most start-up businesses will need funding and a business plan not only allows you to see if the idea can be profitable but it also allows a bank or any other lending provider to understand your idea and how the business will shape itself. We know exactly what information is required and how it can be presented. This will provide you with a better chance of success when it comes to receiving funding for your business.
Cash Flow Forecasting and Management
A proper setup of bank reconciliation is established to ensure that your business’s internal records and the bank’s records are aligned. This will help establish that your business’s recorded cash value is accurate.
Computer Systems and Software Advice
Computer Systems are quite critical in business models nowadays. To help us out with that, we employ a team of IT experts with complete knowledge of modern computing tools and software. This team will be dedicated to improving your digital presence and ensuring that you have a safe cloud-based network.
Long Term Business Planning and Exit Strategies

Once you have managed to survive in the field, then comes the crucial step of developing long term strategies. These strategies will help to determine the direction your business will move in for the next five to ten years. Here we will take the help of a skilled team who have managed to provide Strategic Business Planning Service in Manchester to various other business firms too.

If you need to safely exit the business, our team will help you build a strategy that would not only keep you safe but all the parties involved too.

Some of the other services offered by our firm are:

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Information Systems
  • Efficient Billing and Cash Flow Procedures
  • Ongoing Business Development Strategies

If you are looking to create and present a credible and professional business plan then talk to us. Our accountants can work with you to make it clear your intentions to start your business in the right manner.

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